What we do..

bizzbuzz offers a variety of services to indiviuals and companies. We love working with trailblazers who have ideas that need technology solutions. Projects that have a social focus are our sweet spot for partnership. Clients love working with us to bring their idea to life. We are experienced in meeting our clients at every step of the process - from ideation to launch! bizzbuzz dedicates 25 percent of its time and services at no charge to work with non-profits dedicated to improving humanity - allowing every dollar to be donated to the programs. 
Social Media Strategy & Design | Digital Marketing


bizzbuzz's sweet spot?  Socially driven companies and social entrereneurs. 

bizzbuzz assists with the creation, conception and presentation of your company's social media strategy and integrated marketing campaigns. 

bizzbuzz utilizes social listenting tools to generate insights and provide metrics - using measurement tools to conintually find ways to improve on those metrics through testing new initiatives.

bizzbuzz specializes in the day-to-day management and development of editorial content on social media platforms. 

bizzbuzz proactively interacts with your online communities across all platforms.

bizzbuzz provides weekly and monthly reports for intelligence.

bizzbuzz works closely with designers to create "social media" content.

bizzbuzz plans and manages the day-to-day online social media components that contribue to the overall communicaitons goal and positvely maintains your company brand. 







bizzbuzz Consulting has established, long term relationships with technology resources around the world.


As a team, we address the needs of clients on each activity at every stage of the business value chain.


We facilitate project requirements and can advise on the best next step for your business - ERP Implementation, application development, legacy systems re-engineering, and product design and development.


UI-UX Branding Design Services.  We collaborate with our clients to develop an online strategy and extend the site capabilities using the latest technologies and solutions that project a business in the spotlight and bring in new business opportunities.


Mobility. A Mobile Application development Company powered by a strong team, expert in developing enterprise applications for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Smart TV. bizzbuzz delivers business value through the end-to-end mobility lifecycle. 











Build From Your Core

Ideation and the Creative Process -

bizzbuzz specializes in working with individuals throughout the ideation and creative cycle. We partner with you throughout the process of generating, developing and communicating new ideas. 


Business, Branding and Market Strategy

bizzbuzz can assist in gathering market intelligence, understanding market segmentation, finding the company's value proposition and creating a channel strategy. 


Strategic Planning and Implementation

bizzbuzz can help you create a high-level strategic plan and a solid implementation action list. 


Product Design and Development

bizzbuzz partners with technology firms for product design and development. 

Technology & Mobile Development  bizzbuzz and a vast network of partners can assist with technology and mobile application development. 

"Brandi provided expert advice and executed her plans independently and efficiently at a critical time for MeSimple.  She was the point person and the driving force behind our social media expansion and literature distribution while our nascent company was in the midst of promoting a first year event.  She made recommendations for advertising on radio and then secured the spots.  She was willing to help in every way that we requested, even though she had an already demanding schedule with her other clients. Brandi is poised, professional, reliable and uplifiting. She works tirelessly for the causes that inspire her. We continue to be amazed by the breadth of her talents and her desire to make a difference. We are grateful for the time she has contributed to our projects at MeSimple." Rebecca Hudson | MeSimple