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Brandi J. Waits 

Digital Nomad

bizzbuzz. A small, hardworking and super fun consulting firm.
I established bizzbuzz in 2012 to offer a direct approach to helping businesses and providing full service technology development solutions. We hit the ground running with a direct approach to generating success. We offer clients the full package:
  • Large scale solutions
  • Technology platform development
  • Communication development
  • Social media management
  • Event planning and management
  • Digital marketing strategy and implementation
  • Project management
  • Donor development for non-profits

bizbuzz Begins 


Founder Brandi Waits believes in making the world a better place. Starting from this core value, she built bizzbuzz to engage entrepreneurs who share a commitment to bridging business with a social mission. She leverages her talent, expertise and networks to help her clients build their dreams through technology-based solutions.


Dedication to a Cause


In 2011, Brandi left the comfort of the United States to work on a humanitarian project to build a school in a remote village in Nicaragua. It was here that the desire to work closely with the non-profit world was born.  A few years later, she headed to Bali on a similar mission. This time, she discovered ROLE, a non-profit organization committed to providing opportunities for women. Upon returning home, Brandi established a sister 501(c)(3) organization in the United States, managed a fund raising event and sent several thousand dollars to Indonesia to help support this cause.


Traveling abroad and working closely with the non-profit sector gave her a deep appreciation for improving the quality of life, one program and one life at a time.


Commitment to Excellence


Brandi knows results matter. Her professional expertise ranges from managing multi-million dollar technology and sales projects for large corporations to orchestrating full-service solutions and campaigns for small budget start up operations. For more than 12 years, clients have looked to Brandi to plan, organize, brand and market their products and services.


bizbuzz partners with creative and technical talent around the world to offer clients unmatched cutting edge technology and branding solutions. Brandi works hand-in-hand with clients by personally managing the project from start to finish, guiding them toward achieving their dreams, one goal and one project at a time.


bizbuzz Builds Business and a Better World


From start to finish, bizbuzz builds practical, innovative technology and branding solutions with entrepreneurs who are dedicated to making the world a better place, one mission, one product, one service at a time.









Lisa Koen

Word Warrior 


People consider Lisa to be a problem solver who thinks beyond the boundaries of what’s always been done to consider what might be possible.


Whether working independently or on a team, Lisa can efficiently and effectively manage multiple copywriting or editing projects, create compelling content and educate an audience.


Her passion is clarifying, organizing and simplifying complex ideas and concepts.


From simple press releases to technical manuals, training documents, marketing brochures, executive speeches, video scripts, and much more, Lisa has worked with clients to make sure they have the best possible communication tools to reach their target audiences.

Client Reference: 
"I hired Brandi and her firm to design, develop and deploy over 112 websites for various regional sales teams at Pfizer. It was an incredibly difficult task from a logistical and operational perspective and even a bigger challenge from client relationship standpoint. However, in the end the engagement was a resounding success as Brandi led her team with expertise, integrity and dedication. We were able to measure the success quantitatively, but what was even more remarkable was how the regional sales teams absolutely loved working with Brandi and her team. Not only were they amazed by the final outcome, they were equally impressed with Brandi's attention to detail, followup, task mastering and overall passion to completethe mission. For obvious reasons, Brandi's always on everyone's shortlist to call." Jin Pyun | Digital Entrepreneur, Advisor & Strategist



Colleague Reference: 


"In this day and age in the world of business, it is rare to find good people like Brandi who can raise the level of an entire organization just by their presence." Jim Trent | VP & GM | NXP

Brandi J. Waits
bizzbuzz consulting
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